5. Going to art class.


Since I could not paint at all until that day, you may wonder how I managed to actually do the cat. The process is called ‘textile painting’.  In other words, it is done on an ordinary piece of textile/cotton material using paints that are easily washed from your hands, but once on the material, it stays there.   It is meant to stay there.  It is called textile painting because you can paint on any textile, preferably cotton, that you use for cushion covers, tray cloths, curtains, dresses, jackets, table cloths, hats, handbags, even sneakers.  And you can wash it over and over and it will stay pretty.  And what makes the process so easy, is that some people that like to do design work, created line drawings, enlarged it to become a ‘paper pattern’ and with a layer of carbon paper you simply copied the picture onto the piece of cloth and then ‘paint by numbers’ according to the accompanying color picture.
That was crazy wonderful.  I could paint!  Never mind by what means, I could produce my very own painting!  Of course, guess who attended the next workshop?  Yep.  But whilst I had all afternoon to finish my first painting, in class we were only allowed 2 hours for two paintings.   I can remember vividly how stressful that was.  And can you belief it, another cat.  This time a blue one.  The guy who presented the class must have been crazy about cats.  Odd colored cats.  And then some flowers.

First flowers.
First flowers.
Blue cat.
Blue cat.

Check out the pink toenails!

Is this animal part cat
and part snail?

And by the way, these flowers are called poppy’s  (just in
case you wondered….)

Please do not ask me how I managed to position the text and the paintings above, I promise its purely accidental.   Would have helped if I KNEW how to do it.  But I am learning.

Learning to BLOG!

After three paintings,  surely I know how to paint…………


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