4. My first ever painting!

I have this friend that I’ve known for over 40 years.  Her drawings are magnificent and I always told her how I wish I could paint (or draw for that matter).  So one sunny day in the middle of winter she called and said: “Hey, I found a way that even you will be able to paint.  Come over and I’ll show you how.”  That was way back in 1992.  Without wasting another minute I was in my car and 30 min later I sat at her garden table looking at brushes, paint and a piece of cloth stuck to cardboard with a few clothes pegs.  “Oh my………..” was all that went through my mind at that moment.  Is THIS how an artist starts out?

All excited she showed me what she did the previous day at a painting workshop and seeing the disbelief on my face that I would ever be able to do something similar, she said: “No man, don’t stress, this is easy!  I’ll show you how.”   Anyway, I can tell you the whole story ‘colored’ in the full spectrum of the rainbow, but it will suffice to say that I did manage to paint something.

A pink cat..........
A pink cat……….

      This, my first painting!

I still have it to this day and plan on  keeping it for ever and ever.
We must always be able to return to our roots.

When I open my new studio
(currently under construction),
I will frame it and put it in the number 1 spot.

BUT A PINK CAT?!    (Don’t ask me, I just did what the teacher told me to do.)



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