3. My first (effort at) creating a picture.

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to paint. Since we are all born with that ability, I did my share of painting as a toddler. I had a huge palette;  walls, floors, mirrors or where ever crayons or lipstick would work. Later in school, the art class was the highlight of my day, but oh, it was so very restricted. So one day I decided to (secretly) do my own thing and drew a HUGE face on the inside of my cupboard door. (Yes, my parents did find out about it eventually, but nothing was said or done about it at the time. I will tell you later more about it.)
That was my very first effort at ‘creating a picture’. No photo reference, no nothing to work from or copy.  Just what was inside of me at the time was poured out onto that door. The face was about 50cm diameter, a lady with plaits, huge eyes, full mouth.  Every feature drawn to perfection.  Looking straight at you.  No emotion. Or as I would later learn – no poetry and no music.

Cameras were not ‘things that children play with’ at the time, so unfortunately I only have a mental picture of what I belief was the very foundation of my art career.

Portraits are still my passion.
But that was the one and only drawing of a face I did.  I don’t draw, I paint.


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