2. A little bit of background.

I was born many moons ago and spent my childhood in the North Western part of Southern Africa.  A very small town, half-desert, big open barren pieces of land due to extremely hot weather and hardly any rain.  Tough life.  Computers and television were not even ‘words’ at the time let alone being ‘part of life’.  I can still remember how hesitant my father was to have a land line telephone installed.  “No need for conversation other than eye to eye” he used to say.  Eventually we got a telephone.   And yes, we did have a radio.  One of those that you turned a knob to switch it on, only to hear a cracking noise as you turned the knob, till suddenly you hear music and……wah lah, you  ‘hit the station’!   Yea, I told you I was born many moons ago.
So being here today, trying to start a blog on the world wide web, is a far cry from that small-town way of living.  Now I am faced with information technology at its highest level and I am kind of lost and kind of scared.  But with perseverance and curiosity second to none, I find myself facing all the wonderful possibilities out there, wanting to conquer at least some of them.   And to start a blog,  is one.
My goal is to share a bit of my passion with who ever wants to enjoy it with me, one way or the other. Just by looking at it; or maybe learning how to do it.  My passion, of course, is art.  Visual art.  Or shall I say, ‘painting pictures’.   To experience the true feeling of creating your very own piece of art, scribbling your name in the corner, putting it up on the wall and standing back to look at what you created, oh man, that is a feeling I cannot describe in words.  (That’s why I paint!).

But it took some time to get here.  And it started way back in primary school.

(That is if memory serves me right.)


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