1. My very first Blog.

Today,  Friday 17 July 2015,  is the date that I started this:  my first Blog. This is also the date, according to the bible, that  Noah’s ark came to rest on Mount Ararat.  Yes, you will find it in Genesis 8:4.  So this is a very special day in my life.

The purpose for this blog is to (eventually) teach art.

I do not have a University degree in art.  I do however have a God-given talent which became my passion;  a passion I would like to share with who ever wants to learn from me.

But before I start teaching art, I invite you to share my art journey with me leading up to where I am now.  In my next post, I will start telling you all about it.

(Before I forget.  English is not my mother tongue – Afrikaans is.  So please bear with me if you do not see ‘Cambridge English’.  It will be ‘Country’  English!’). But remember…..

“Art is like a smile;  everybody understands it in his own language.”


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